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Disaster Preparedness Education Solutions

Disaster Preparedness Education Package Structure (65”)
  • The back : Signs of a tsunami, volcanic eruption, fire,
    or quake

    Videos and educational data display

    65” LCD Display

    The middle : Grass and miniature buildings

    Vibration (earthquakes)

    Smoke (fire and heat from earthquakes)

    Lighting (warning light, LEDs, and searchlight)

    The front : Damage cases Display

    Supplementary Content Display

    65” Transparent Display

Product Specifications
Product Complete 1,500 x 1,500 x 700 mm
PC Over CPU(i5) 13.3”, Dual Port
LCD Monitor 1920 x 1080 65”
Transparent LCD Panel 1920 x 1080 Front : Economic Glass Type
LED Bar 2Port
AMP & Speaker 2D/3D
Controller(LED) LED & Brightness Control
Controller(Motor) 1Port
A/D Board Harness Cable(included)
LED Driver Two Types
Contents Two Types (Standard) Others (Option)
Miniature   Grass, Structure, Doll
Mechanical Device Vibration, Fog, Lighting
Fire Safety Education Package (43”) Overview
  • The back : 43” LCD Display

    Videos and educational data Display

    Left and right panels : Publicity content printing

  • The middle : Miniature models

    Video content: Vibrations (earthquakes)

    Smoke (Fire)

    Lighting effect LED (White,Red) On/Off