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Touch Solutions

Touch Solutions

Touch Module : High-performance IR-scattering applied multi-touch products have
been mass-produced for large companies around the world.
Touch Overlay : Cost has been reduced with All-in-One touch modules. Optional touch
features are provided for clients.

Touch ModuleTouch Overlay
Product Features
  • Sole Supplier of Samsung Electronics

    Application : All-in-One PCs, PC monitors, gaming devices, and DIDs, Smart TV, Game, PC monitor

    H/W Feature

     - Size : 15” ~ 110”
     - Multi-touch : (up to) 10 multi-points
     - Accuracy : < ± 2mm
     - Minimum touch size : 3mm
     - Response time : Typ. 5ms
     - Bezel size : 5.2mm(Height) / 18.5”mm(width)

    SW Feature

     - HID communication (device driver not required) : Mouse / Digitizer
       Mode, PLUG & PLAY
     - SDK (API) is provided.
     - USB firmware upgrade.
  • IR-scattering applied 10-point multi-touch
    The touch modules of AFO support the multi-touch feature by applying IR scattering that uses infrared LEDs and infrared sensors. Screens are available in sizes from 15” to 110”, and the number of touch points can be set as 2, 4, 6 and 10 (max) according to clients’ requests.
  • World’s best performance
    The touch modules of AFO not only have the world's best performance in multi-touch recognition among optical touch products but also show high performance in response time, touch accuracy, and disturbance light handling.
    In addition, the products are compatible with various OS products, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
  • Products recognized by large companies
    The touch modules produced in the AFO factory in Korea must pass an extensive high-temperature accelerated aging process before being released. The distribution in the factory, manufacturing process, and manufacturing environment have been certified by large global companies, and the manufacturing process is strictly controlled.
    Based on the performance and reliability of these products, AFO is supplying its touch models in large quantities to major companies around the world.
Demo Video
  • Small size (15~29”) touch monitors, All in one PC, ATM, POS,
    Ticketing devices, Gaming devices, Casinos,
  • Medium size (32~50”) Digital signage, Gaming devices, Smart TV
  • Large size (55~110”) Interactive Flat panel, Interactive White board, Digital signage, Smart TV