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We have come so far developing Touch Solutions.

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Oct. 2016 R&D center was designated as ATC(Advanced Technology Center)
Apr. 2016 Changed the company’s CEO.
Nov. 2015 Developed the world’s fastest touch module. (response time: 1ms)
Oct. 2015 Mass-produced game player touch modules for Taito Japan.
Oct. 2015 Capital increase (total: 2.33 billion KRW)
Apr. 2015 Mass-produced game player touch modules for Bandai Japan.
Mar 2015 Developed economical 65”, 70”, and 84” e-boards (IWB).
Jan. 2015 Produced 55” and 65” touch modules for Smart Tech Canada.
Oct. 2014 Exclusively supplied touchscreen overlays to Samsung.
Jun. 2013 Exclusively supplied 70” and 80” e-board touch modules (IR-type) to Smart Tech Canada.
(The global e-board market leader)
Mar. 2013 Supplied touch modules to Samsung for digital signage system.
(32”,40”,46”,48”,55”,65”,75”,85” & 105”)
Dec. 2012 Capital increase (total: 2.1 billion KRW)
Sep. 2012 Received government funding (8 billion KRW) for zero-bezel development.
Developed infrared touch modules by applying a patented technology of AFO.
Dec. 2011 Developed the world’s first 10-point Plug & Play multi-touch module.
Aug. 2010 Company incorporated. (capital: 1 billion KRW)
2009 ~ Released a test product to which our patented infrared
- light-scattering technology was applied (a reasonably priced touch display with quick response time).
2006 ~ Developed a new touch solution to which the DVD light-extraction technology was applied