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CEO Greeting

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!

  • We have developed the 2-point touch module that uses infrared scanning by applying DVD optical pickups, and the world’s first 10-point Plug & Play touch module.
    In addition, by developing ultra-low-cost touch modules, we have reduced costs and maintained price competitiveness.We are also doing business with companies in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan.To become No. 1 globally in the touchscreen industry, we will continue to develop the fastest and best multi-touch technology and lead the world market with our competitively priced products.
    All of our employees will strive to make a better company that satisfies our clients.
    Our vision

    We want our company to continue to enjoy the confidence of our clients. As a total touchscreen provider, we will make an active company that is always ready to provide the innovative technology, products, and services that our clients need.

    We will make an energetic company that continues to improve the quality of its products by using creative ideas, technological innovations, and customized designs.

    We promise to provide the best service with cost-effective, reasonably priced products, reliable delivery, and the best product support.

    Thank you.CEO of AFO Co., Ltd.